Yorkshire Family & Newborn Photography round up 2020

Yorkshire Family & Newborn Photography

Yorkshire Family & Newborn Photography

Yorkshire Family & Newborn Photography….When working as a photojournalist I would occasionally get asked to shoot family portraits – and I’m not going to lie it was not my favourite assignment. But since becoming a mother in 2016 I sudden realised just how valuable capturing these special moments are. 

Now I totally love family shoots!  Moments that you cant really appreciate fully until they are in the past. Moments that your kids will look back on fondly in the years to come.

The importance of family photos

Anyone with kids will know just how fast they grow up. How quick they change. Recording those moments is priceless. Even during the difficult times recording some memories to look back on is so important. 2020 was difficult for many people for many reasons but of corse there were wonderful moments, babies born, more family time, holidays at home, new pets – taking some photos to remember this strange time is as special as recording any other time.

My 4 year old and 2 year old have taught me so much about why these shoots are important. They also taught me a lot about how to get the best from kids on these shoots, I have endless patience I never knew I had ! 🙂

2020 Family Photography

This year its also been a lot about capturing memories to share with those who cannot be with you. Seeing families unable to spend time together, babies not able to meet their grandparents – its not been easy. Sharing these lovely shoots has been really special. 

All our shoots have been outside socially distanced, I have shot at some really beautiful locations.. I love seeing these on peoples walls ! I cannot wait to when its safe again capture more lovely families and create some new memories for you to remember a time after the weird time. 

Take a look on my blog here for some more lovely family photography. Here for info and pricing 

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