Wedding Postponements 2020 Yorkshire wedding Photographer


So being locked in with the person you have decided to spend the rest of your life with is a great test šŸ˜‰ I hope you are all enjoying each others company ! As a Wedding Photographer this lockdown is presenting a challenge.

But ā€¦on a serious noteĀ juggling dates, supplier availability and waiting for news?

Facing postponing your wedding due to covid-19…..The prospect of having wedding plans changed for reasons out of your control makes for a upsetting & frustrating time for couples who have in some cases spent years planning and counting down to their wedding date.

I know many couples are not sure if its best to hang on and hope restrictions are lifted in time or placeĀ a planB.

Currently no one is totally sure when weddings will be allowed to happen again- but please donā€™t panic, although postponing the wedding may seem like a really rubbish thing to be doing it is so much better that you wait till a safe time when you will be able to hug each and every one of your guests – after lockdown you will appreciate each hug even more than you thought possible.

The logistics of rearranging a wedding is no easy task, I realise that you have many suppliers to check in with and ultimately the venue will probably dictate on when you can re arrange for.

Many of my coupes who have already postponed have said they felt better once they had taken the decisionā€¦and I think that is important to rememberā€¦take back control & call the shots.

So how do you go about plan B?

First up talk to your venue, they will be able to advise on what dates they have availability to re schedule your wedding.

Talk to all your suppliers – most of whom you will have spent time researching and finding in the first place and have booked each supplier based on liking what they offer, remember those suppliers will still want to be part of your day, most suppliers in the wedding industry are self employed or small businesses and really rely on having a number of weddings booked each year to keep their business going. Iā€™m sure that all your wedding suppliers will work hard to give you alternative suitable dates.

Consider the time of year & day of the week- its tempting to want to go for the same or similar date next year – but consider maybe later in the year / a midweek date ā€¦ off peak dates maybe more available and typically your suppliers will have more availability not on a weekend.

Give your self a deadline to make the leap to planB- I really think its the not knowing that is stressful. Once you decide on planB at least you can firm up plans and start to look forward and plan towards a day you know is going to happen.

Obviously your wedding photography is a huge part of the wedding plans. Its a really important investment and you wedding photos are what your grandkids will be looking at in years to come, you wedding photos are how you will relive the day on your anniversaries & how your memories of they day will stay alive forever. To all my couples – I am here for you anytime to chat over plans and look at alternative dates. I can’t wait to shoot each and every wedding I have booked, I’m missing my job and I cannot wait to be back behind the camera capturing your special day.

Look after each other and keep an eye on my blog for lots of lovely new wedding photography I will be posting šŸ™‚

Lots of love

Bethany x


Ps here is the link to council info on weddings and the virus

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