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A few good reasons to have a pre wedding shoot

A few good reasons to have a pre wedding shoot

* Get used to relaxing in front of the camera

 A lot of people tell me:“I hate having my photo taken”  or “ he is rubbish in front of the camera!”

However, an engagement photo session is more relaxed than the candid, artistic images we capture on your wedding day.

This is confirmed by the reaction of couples taking part who often say: “we really enjoyed it!”  or  “it was not as bad as we imagined” and “Wow! We look great in these photos!”

The key to looking good in photos is to relax and enjoy the session. A crucial part of my role is to help you do this while I do the hard work, creating lovely images while you laugh, smooch and enjoy the fab location we have chosen. 

* Get some creative portraits somewhere cool

 Most of what we capture on your wedding day is wonderful, natural,  candid moments, interactions and special details.

But we know it’s also important to have some memorable family images for posterity as weddings are among the few times a whole family is together.

It’s also important to get some stylish portraits but we don’t want you to be missing out on too much of your own party, so having a more relaxed pre-wedding shoot gives us a chance to spend more time creating lovely images.

Many couples like to pick a location special to them, but, if you are unsure, we can always choose somewhere together as I know lots of great settings for photo shoots and can help you choose the type of image and atmosphere you want.

A pre-wedding shoot is also a great opportunity to have photos with any furry friends you have but may not be welcome at a wedding – I’m more than happy for your cat, dog or any pet to join us if they wish!

* Some images you can use on your wedding day

Often, couples I work with, like to incorporate some of the pre-wedding shoot images into personal touches at the wedding for their family and friends.

In an age of smart-phone selfies – which are rarely flattering  – it’s nice to have professional, creative portraits of the two of you that look great now and will do for years to come.

* Chance to meet up before the big day

 pre-wedding shoot is also a brilliant reason for the three of us to meet up before your wedding so we can discuss the day itself, get to know each other a little and have some fun making some pictures which you will be able to treasure for ever. 


So…Do you need a pre-wedding shoot?

 They may not be essential but they are fast becoming more popular as a way for the two of you to celebrate your relationship away from the crowds. Pre-wedding shorts are a fun experience which will give you some lovely,  relaxed images in the run up to one of the most special days of your life.

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