Indian wedding Ceremony in Manchester

Sonia & Nathan

Indian Wedding Ceremony, Manchester. Sonia’s family are Indian and Nathan’s English so they wanted to incorporate both traditions into the Marriage. So they had two weddings 🙂

Sonia & Nathan firstly had a traditional English wedding in London. Sonia and her bridesmaids got ready at The Great Northern Hotel, St Pancras. They then traveled in a London black cab to the wedding ceremony. They had the wedding ceremony at Islington Town Hall 

After the wedding ceremony there was a reception at The Driver Pub at Kings Cross

A week later they then an Indian ceremony in Manchester for Sonia’s Indian friends and family. The traditional Indian ceremony and dress is just beautiful.

The venue was decorated with so many bright colours and beautiful Indian scents. Both the Bride and the Groom wore traditional Indian outfits.   The ceremony involved the bride and groom being hidden from each other then being revealed behind a large cloth. Lots of traditional prayers and rituals took place before a delicious curry dinner. A perfect Indian Wedding Ceremony, Manchester 

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