Covid-19 Wedding Photography Tips and advice 

Micro Weddings and Elopements

Covid 2020 Micro Weddings and Elopements- Covid-19 Wedding Photography Tips and advice 

North Yorkshire wedding 2020

North Yorkshire wedding 2020

Covid-19 Wedding Photography Tips and advice.  So with the restrictions looking like they Will be around for a few months more at least. I want to share my experiences so far. All the photographs in this blog are from weddings I have covered since July 2020 under Coronavirus Pandemic Covid-19 restrictions. Having worked along side some wonderful couples, venues and suppliers i want tohelp you to plan your photography in this ever changing situation.

Im sure you will see some of these photos are obviously “pandemic weddings”. I think these images are as important as any to record the day and the time when you married. No one will be forgetting 2020 any time soon. I don’t like that face masks that hide the beautiful and happy smiles. However they are an important part of you story and your day.

In this blog I will discuss,  changing dates, changes during a short day, keeping your guests informed and lots of tips around keeping everyone safe but relaxed during these strange times. 

So why get Married now ?

Imagine wanting to get married so much, that not even a global pandemic can stop you. Love is not cancelled and many of my couples don’t want to wait for the party to be husband and wife. Some do and that is fine. One of my favourite things about weddings is that they are so personal. We are all different and every wedding should be too. Believe me when I say small weddings are beautiful & elopements are fantastic. Love always wins & if you want to get married – lets do it. 

The weddings that I’ve photographed since lockdown have been so sweet and the couples literally above all else, just wanted to get married to each other. I have been shooting wedding for ten years but the ones this year have really warmed my heart so much.  Because its not been able to be about the party. Its about two people getting married during really difficult times. That love I have captured – its special. 

A Covid-19 Wedding Day- Covid-19 Wedding Photography Tips and advice 

Wedding have obviously been massively affected by the ongoing restrictions. And im sure will be for a while to come. Whilst all of these amazing wedding days may not have gone exactly as my couples had origionaly planned they have been intimate, beautiful and full of happy tears and emotions. Remember its the getting married that is the really important part. 

The vast majority of the photographs I take during your wedding day will be natural candids or gorgeous portrait shots of just the two so are generally unaffected by Covid restrictions. Whoever is taking you ceremony will advise you on the social distancing seating arrangements and other things that need to be changes during the Ceremony. 

Bridal Prep
North Yorkshire wedding 2020

North Yorkshire wedding 2020

During the getting ready shots all the suppliers will need to where masks and depending who is getting ready and what the space is like social distancing will need to be keep where possible. As you will see from the phots below – bridal prep still looks amazing as always.

Church weddings
North Yorkshire wedding 2020

North Yorkshire wedding 2020

 The church weddings I have shot recently have been lovely and pretty straightforward. Everyone wore masks, social distancing was maintained and all Corona restrictions were complied with but the vicars did everything they could to keep things as ‘normal’ as possible. Ensuring the emphasis was on celebration. 

Photographs of the two of you

The good news is, when it comes to some relaxed portraits there is no restrictions other than social distancing. We can still grab some sunning pictures of you both and lots of lovely candid images of you enjoying the day and talking to your guests.

North Yorkshire wedding 2020

North Yorkshire wedding 2020

Planning and preparation

Around a month before your big day we will chat over your family photographs. We put together a list, check if anyone needs to be socially distanced and include names of everyone. Whilst its down to you and the guests to determine who can stand with who with or without social distancing, having the lists with names means I can do all the co-ordinating for you on the day. If the weathers good, we can take the group shots out doors so the face masks can be dispensed with and any risk is minimised.

VIP Guest list

Under the current restrictions only 15 guests are allowed .. this will probably rise back to 30 wedding guest again at some point. I know it may seem hard to un invite people however everyone will understand. Having a small wedding actually gives you much more time to chat and enjoy each guests company. Having less people there actually makes you day much ore intermate & during these strange times having your nearest and dearest there to see you get married is very precious indeed.

Will my guests have to wear masks?

At the moment your guests are only required to wear masks during the wedding ceremony. The ceremonies have been a lot shorter and are lasting around 15-20 minutes, which is a very small part of your day. 

Your guests will only be wearing masks during the ceremony. I will still be able to capture lots of smiley photos of you and your guests enjoying  the reception. 

At the moment you might not be able to have a huge party and a dance. However some couples have planned to get married now and to throw a party once things are back to normal. Might even be an excuse to wear your wedding outfits again!

Changing Your Wedding Date?

This is the story of 2020. If you decide to change your date, please get in touch as soon as possible.

Whilst I’ve had mot of 2020’s weddings postponed due to COVID, I’ve also had some booking for elopements and micro weddings over the winter / spring. With couples really wanting to get  married in front of their closest friends and family. This is amazing. Love wins all the way.

If you are considering having a micro wedding drop me a line to chat about your plans and I can give you a bespoke quote. 

Keep everyone in the loop

Include all of your suppliers in the conversation right from the start. Not just your photographer and venue, they will all have a very busy calendar for 2021 too and I have found all working together to match availability saves so much stress for the bride and groom. A group email or even a Messenger conversation means you can quickly get agreement on a date that works for all and minimised the stress of looking for new suppliers. 

Lets Do Something On Your Original Date! Engagement and Family Shoots

You may have had to change to a new date but don’t let that stop you from celebrating! Engagement or family shoots are an amazing way to celebrate your original wedding date. Lots of my couples have been doing this and it feels really special.

We can time it with a nice weather forecast, aim for golden hour sunset and capture some wonderful memories for you to enjoy and share with your friends and family. You can find out all about my engagement shoots here and family shoots here 

 Charges and refunds

Everyone works differently.  I have taken the approach right from the start that we are all in this together.  Many of my couples have re-arranged their entire wedding around my availability which is extremely lovely.

I am moving dates free of change and not increseing my prices for coupes moving their booking to future dates.

These are unprecedented times and whatever my contract says, on moral level I couldn’t see anyone ending up out of pocket for a situation which is completely unprecedented, unforseable and outside of your control.

Covid-19 Wedding Photography Tips and advice  -You can check the latests government guidelines here 

also some useful info online here 

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